Dobbyn returns


A few weeks ago Dave Dobbyn didn’t even know he would be touring.

This Wednesday he’s heading to the Sherwood for a pop-up show – one of many he’s decided to do.

Dobbyn released his new album Harmony House earlier in the year after an eight-year-long dry spell.

Although he wasn’t releasing new music throughout that time the creating never slowed down.

“I love playing and writing songs – I’ve done it every day and they always come along – I’ve got more than enough music and enough stuff to start working on another one already,” he says.

Dobbyn writes his music in a number of different ways, he says.

However, driving in his car is where a lot of the magic happens.

“I do a lot of writing in the car, just getting rhyming couplets happening.”

The story behind the album name comes from a second hand store in Auckland that closed down in the 80s.

“It was this beautiful big second hand store that had everything in it from tea-sets to stereos to old TVs and radios and guns and guitars – I always loved that place and I always loved that name.”

As for the album cover that has a little white house on it – Dobbyn also drew that.

Although Dobbyn has lived an extraordinary life the new album is about normal family life he says.

In terms of his song writing he reckons it has evolved a lot since his younger days.

“I probably feel a lot more energetic now about the whole thing that what I did when I was a really young fella cos back in those days you’d be out touring, rock and rolling every night and partying and stuff so you probably missed a whole lot of what was going on – I guess I’m a bit wiser these days.”

Even though he’s touring with his new album he says he will be sure to bring out his classic bangers that everyone knows – like Slice of Heaven and Loyal.

This is the first time Dobbyn has released an album without a record company and he reckons it’s a great way to do it.

“I worked with the guys from Phoenix foundation just to finish writing a song or two and I knew straight away that they were the guys [I wanted to work with] so we started recording straight away and had it all wrapped up in a couple of weeks.”

Although Phoenix Foundation did most of the technical side Dobbyn admits “I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to that stuff too”.

Dobbyn also has a young Wellington muso touring with him – Jesse Sheehan.

Dave Dobbyn and his band with Jesse Sheehan play the Sherwood May 4. STickets – $33.35 on Eventfinda.