Do you back saving Frankton golf’s nine-holer and why?


Simon Hayes (mayoral candidate):
I support the continuation of golf at the Frankton course for a number of reasons.
Golf has a long history of participation on this site and it has proved to be ideal for the beginners, the older active golfers and the casual visitor. Secondly, what a fantastic green space with established trees and shrubs at one of the main entry points to Queenstown.
Thirdly, it is a much-used area that is maintained, by the golf club, for the benefit and enjoyment of all and at no cost to the ratepayers. 

Vanessa van Uden (mayoral candidate):
I understand that the current lease finishes in 2012. I support golf being available in this area and appreciate the current accessibility of the course to all ages and levels. Additionally, the needs of other community users have to be considered. In the vicinity of the Events Centre there is other under-utilised land in addition to the golf course. Council has previously promised to facilitate a meeting of all users to develop a plan that maximises the use of the land available over the long term and continues to meet the needs of a changing and growing community – we need to fulfil that promise. 

Michael Scott (mayoral candidate):
I would need to look at the details of the current lease before making a decision but I’m for supporting the smaller communities and feel if there is a way of keeping the golf course where it is, then yes I would support its continuation – depending on the cost to the ratepayer.

Mel Gazzard (Wakatipu ward):
Yes. It provides a recreational facility to a wide sector of the community that finds the larger courses unsuitable.

Cath Gilmour (Wakatipu ward):
Yes. I fondly remember family games of golf, played in togs with picnics en route during summer holidays. The course still provides this fun, easy, affordable, sociable, accessible, casual recreation for a huge range of ages and capabilities, both locals and tourists. There are other pressures on this land. Transit wants some to expand the roundabout. Lakes Leisure wants it to ensure the Events Centre remains Wakatipu’s sports hub. I’d encourage Lakes Leisure to work out with our community how to meet overall long-term sports/recreation ground needs, with the specific aim of trying to maintain this valuable community resource.

Russell Mawhinney (Wakatipu ward):
I currently support the continuation of Frankton Golf Course beyond 2012.
Frankton caters particularly well for junior and elderly golfers. No other course in the Wakatipu caters for them the way that Frankton does at the same price point.
I am sympathetic to the needs of other sports, especially athletics. These sports need facilities too, so options need to be found. I’m also mindful that the airport may need extra space in future. If this happens the balance of the course should be retained for golf, even if only as a driving range and six-hole course.

Kevin Peterson (Wakatipu ward):
As a keens active sportsman and golfer I strongly support the continuation of the lease of the Frankton Golf Course after June 2012. The Frankton complex provides a very affordable recreational activity that is available to all ages and is easily accessible by locals and visitors alike. It is a valuable asset to the area. If the lease is continued I would like to see some improvements made to the presentation of the site so as to enhance its appearance from the roadside.

Simon Spark (Arrowtown ward):
I support the lease continuing but only on a year-to-year basis past 2012 for the following reasons – one, the golf course land is a strategic parcel and it would be unwise to unconditionally lease it for a long period. Two, we have to weigh up the needs of our current and projected population in relation to their sport and recreation requirements to establish what we have to provide and where, with regard to indoor facilities, sports fields, car-parking and infrastructure. Three, most people I have spoken to want a sports hub at the Events Centre but also want the golf course retained so we have some tough decisions to make. We can’t have both. 

Simon Stamers-Smith (Wakatipu ward):
The Frankton Golf Course should remain where it is for two main reasons. The first is simple – so that people – especially the elderly who frequent the course can play golf. More importantly it should remain as a green buffer between the road and what is the horror construction called the Events Centre and what will probably be an even worse construction on Hendo’s hole. We don’t need more kms of hideous construction on what is now a verdant green golf course.

Preston Stevens (Wakatipu ward):
In the brief research that I have been able to undertake in the time available, it has been difficult to obtain a clear picture of the future for the Frankton gold course site. Thus subject to further information, I believe that the site should remain as a golf course for the medium future. My current thinking is based on the site being a Designated Recreation Reserve and it appears that for the medium future council does not have the means to change the use of the site.

Karen Swaine (Wakatipu ward):
The Frankton Golf Course serves numerous important functions and has been managed well by a community group for decades. It is easily accessible and recognised as a great course for beginners, seniors and families. It is one of the few stable areas of Frankton not subject to developer whim. The Frankton Flats area is currently a dog’s breakfast with no comprehensive structure plan, a situation that will take a decade or more to rectify. The golf course provides relief from the built environment that is increasingly encroaching on the roundabout area and should be retained for future generations to enjoy.

Trevor Tattersfield (Wakatipu ward):
The Frankton Golf Course is a unique and iconic asset for our district. It is widely used by many thousands of locals and visitors, continuously throughout the year, both winter and summer. It provides a valuable facility, for learners, tourists, social, ladies, and aged golfers not able to use the big courses. It is very well managed by the golf club and is no cost to ratepayers. I am told to relocate would cost many millions, and simply would not happen. If converted to sports fields it would have only intermittent use by few, and would be loaded wtih administration and maintenance costs, to be recovered from sports groups by Lakes Leisure. I will committ to advocating strongly for its retention.

Geoff Wilson (Wakatipu ward):
I do support the lease being renewed/continued for the Frankton golf course.
There are many common sense reasons for this. It is an ideal use for this corner area and fits in well with the other sports venues located there. Historically it has been there much longer than the 36 years I have lived in the area. As the roundabout is one of the most important intersections in the Wakatipu, the openness the golf course gives is priceless. If the course was not there, for anyone wanting a quick game of golf (nine holes) they would have much further to travel.

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