DJ grafts an amalgam of styles

Daytime gig: DJ Wehbba

DJ Wehbba came up with his stage name as he thought it would make him more googleable.

It’s his surname — with an additional b.

While it’s an unusual one in his native Brazil, he thought a slight change could make him stand out.

He’s headlining Electric Rush’s latest line-up — Sunday’s daytime shindig at Barmuda with Ribera and Sinclair.

Music has always been a big part of Wehbba’s life and after DJing at a couple of primary school discos he was hooked.

He was playing records and cassettes while the other kids played games — or danced to his set.

There were also a couple of stints in bands when he played guitar.

Wehbba, aka Rodolfo Abrao Wehba, started studying at university to be a dentist.

It was then he got a taste for electronic music and tried his hand at production.

A career looking after teeth became too difficult with performing across Brazil, so he gave up his “expensive hobby”.

“It was impossible to keep it up once I started to tour internationally.”

The music of his youth still influences the music he produces today.

“A couple of the sound aesthetics that struck me before becoming a teenager, and keep my ears ringing today, are raw ’70s rock n’ roll and synth and techno pop from the mid-’80s.

“Stuff from Led Zeppelin to Depeche Mode. Not so usual for a young kid. That’s the privilege of growing up in the ’80s.”

His sets are a mix of techno with soul.

Being a purist isn’t his thing and he likes to incorporate as many different styles and elements as possible.

There is no strict method when coming up with a new track.

It simply depends on his mood — or where he is when an idea pops into his head.

“Since all my music is made 100 per cent from scratch, without any samples, for example, I need to be inspired and willing to jump in to the creation process without any distractions. If I’m on the road, and don’t have access to my studio, working on the laptop also leads me to a totally different approach.

“But I try to work as much as possible in the studio as that’s where I have all of my instruments, which really inspire me to create.”

He is now based in Barcelona but has lived in the Czech Republic and Australia — a perk of being a touring musician.

Wehbba has only been in New Zealand once before, on a connecting flight to Oz, and he is super-excited to play Queenstown.

Asked what gig-goers can expect, he says some “proper“ techno.

He’s heard great things about the town and plans to spend an extra few days here to explore the outdoors.

Electric Rush daytime party, Sunday, Barmuda, 2pm. Tickets, pre-sales $20, door sales $25. Wehbba will be joined by Ribera, Sinclair and more.