Dance music maestro brings beats home


Queenstown dance music maestro Caleb Cowie is returning to his old resort stomping ground to launch his new EP. 

Under the name K-Lab, Cowie’s newly-released five-track effort The Whole World’s Ill has already followed his first single Wrecked to the top of the international download chart Addictech. 

The DJ and keyboardist shifted to Wellington in March to be closer to his record company. 

But he can’t wait to be back in Queenstown at Subculture on Saturday to blast out the new tunes for local fans. 

He’ll be joined onstage by his vocalist brother Joe plus three DJs. 

“I’ll be mashing up the tracks and making them a bit more crazy,” Caleb says. “It’ll also be good to have Joe coming up to jam. 

“Subculture is still one of my favourite places to play and it’s about the only venue in Queenstown that has a fat enough sound system for the kind of music I play.” 

The brothers first made their name in the resort as drum ‘n’ bass duo Blackplanet and Joe also sings on some of the tunes for The Whole World’s Ill

“He recorded his vocals in a little studio in Queenstown then sent them up to me in Wellington to work them into the songs,” Caleb explains. 

“The whole thing turned out great.” 

Caleb says he’s thrilled his new EP shot straight to No1 on the San Francisco-based Addictech listings. 

“It’s cool to know that people are listening to my sounds in other countries and it’s not just my friends who like what I do. 

“I’m keen to get over to the States and follow up on the attention the music is getting there.” 

Meanwhile, in between studying graphic design at Wellington’s Natcoll college, Caleb is playing weekend shows around New Zealand. 

“My record company is keeping me busy but fortunately I have a lot of friends around the country who come and jam with me at gigs, which helps keep it interesting.” 

He’s also in demand as a producer, having recently remixed the track Monkey Crunk by acclaimed Melbourne-based DJ Opiuo. 

“I’ve not thought as far ahead as making an album yet and I’ll put out a few more singles as K-Lab before I get round to that,” Caleb says. 

“Everything seems to be going pretty well with my music at the moment so I’ll just keep rolling along with it for now.”

Catch K-Lab at Subculture on Saturday from 9.30pm