Crazy and frightening line-up


Musicians I.E Crazy and Seth Frightening are doing their bit for the environment.

Asked why they decided to tour together they say a road trip in one car uses less petrol. That and the fact the Auckland indie artists are a couple.

The pair play solo sets at The Sherwood this Sunday, showing off similar music styles.

Seth Frightening – real name Sean Kelly – made up his stage name as a teenager as he didn’t want to commit to his real one. It stuck and he’s been performing as Seth Frightening ever since. Writing music is his passion and he reckons his songs have got better with age.

“As I got older the issues got real and what I created was better. I’ve always had the urge to create and express my own art.”

Claire Duncan – who performs as I.E Crazy – also started performing at an early age.

She reckons she was an attention-seeking child so getting on stage didn’t faze her. There were only a few other women in the indie scene at that time in Auckland.

Duncan’s played in a number of bands over the years – but the transition to a solo career has been quite daunting.

“It is very exposing. Terrifying, but in a good way. For me, it is like a trial by fire – if it is going to go bad, it can go really bad and you have no one to blame for it but yourself. In that sense it’s a way to harden up as a performer.”

When touring and playing to a new audience it can go two ways.

Sometimes they love the set and recognise the passion going into the performance – but often they just don’t get it. That’s tough to deal with.

The pair have different approaches to the stage. Duncan puts her heart and soul into it – and can get a bit narky if the audience doesn’t respond.

Kelly, meanwhile, tends to talk a lot between songs, trying to engage with the audience – although at times his jokes fall on silent ears. He says there are dark comedy elements to his sets.

“They don’t always join in. I guess because some of the songs are quite intense they think I am a bit of a crazy person. Jokes about dying aren’t for the whole world.”

Duncan finds him hilarious – but admits it’s perhaps because she too has a warped sense of humour.

Both have played Queenstown before and they’re hyped for what will be a very cool and intimate performance.

I.E Crazy and Seth Frightening play The Sherwood, Sunday, 8pm. Tickets $10 on the door.