The Festival Parade in downtown Queenstown today at noon.


The American Express Jazz Night at Skyline Gondola & Restaurant featuring Hollie Smith, Tahuna Breaks and Katchafire.

Winter Fest diary of a Southern Man : Scot Mackay from Gore

Day Two:
Morning has come and gone and so too has my feeling of tiredness, contributed too only by staying up late at night and nothing else. So we kicked off the day with as much enthusiasm as a canine on ADD, and that is exactly what we encountered, but not before sifting around the many sterling floats of Queenstown businesses and groups. These in my semi-professional-amateur-beginner opinion were awesome, there was not only eighties style music for all to be deafened by, but also my favorite Ronald McDonald doing his thing for the kids and also Lord Darth Vader, who I am presuming killed Luke Skywalker because he was nowhere to be seen, a pity.

Anyway moving on, we then sniffed out the competition at the canine competition, photographing and filming all who would sit still long enough. Then after nearly having my finger sucked off by the above ADD dog, it was again time to take a quick kip in light of the upcoming Jazz festival, that according to Tahuna Breaks consists of funk fuelled grooves, which I assume is some sort of plant. Therefore this night sounds like a pearler all round. Hope you are all enjoying it as much as I, chow.