Scot of Gore speaks out Day 4:

When you think of enduring exercise often the stitch comes to mind. When you think of comedy often laughter comes to mind, and when you think of the two together without enduring exercise, you definitely have had a good time.

The day started off like many others, I was cold, it was frosted, my water pipes had frozen, and I was wiping wet soap from my nether regions.

However my day was soon brightened at the local Teddy Bears Picnic by the much loved and hated by me, Pooh bear.

As I watched the kids rage around the bear with their parents falling into tow and creating miniature chaos, my day started to brighten.

Not even the odd funky smelling corner after what I assume a toddler had recently vacated let my spirits back down, and from their my day got even better.

From here onwards the afternoon was free to my leisure, and once I had filled it with approximately four hours of getting my house warm, it was again time to descend upon the Kawarau Falls pavilion for the Great Comedy Debate.

After practically rolling around the floor for about two hours following a comical debate on whether it is easy to be green or not, one thing really sunk in through the wise words of Irene Pink “It’s not the world that is f*&%^d, it’s the people in it”.

So if you were there I hope you welcomed and enjoyed these words as much as I, and if not, you really missed out.