The Racket Mardi Gras at Earnslaw Park and Downtown Queenstown.


A Diary of Winter Fest antics by our visitor from Gore Scot Mackay. Day five:

When you see semi-drunken fluro clad lads entertaining passersby from a rail less balcony, you know it’s going to be a good night, and after a day of amateur filming in the snow, that is exactly what you want.

The day started off pretty slowly, heading up Coronet Peak at a crawl because of all the traffic, and after many epic falls off my snow board, it was time to film the ski race. Now with a good camera and the right spot, you would think filming would be easy; however this was definitely not the case, and about all I could really capture was powdery clouds as the skiers jetted by. How crap am I.

Following this failure to film one of Winter Fests great ski races, I decided it was time to head back to town in preparation for the Mardi Gras, and this was when I spotted my fluro clad lads. But these boys were only the tip of the entertainment for the night. My new favorite band Tahuna Breaks kicked off the festivities, working the crowd into a frenzy of pleasure. Then come the free booze, hallelujah!

From this point onwards my night seemed to merge into a blur, waking this morning with the feeling of death and the realization that I had to write this before once again setting out to film the sixth day of Christmas. But not to worry, all is well. Hasta La Vista.