Opshop and Evermore at the Big Night Out at the Queenstown Events Centre.

Scot from Gore - day 9

When you awake on a Saturday morning in a random person’s hotel room with another big night ahead of you, you know you’re having fun.

With the second to last night approaching and only one more event scheduled in for the remainder of the festival, I popped a no-doze, downed a Beroca and got into a full on hyped mode for the Big Night Out. And what can I say; this was a big night out.

After missing The Checks because of getting too caught up in the rugby, I arrived in time to catch Opshop cranking into their set. Now I am not a huge fan of Opshop, ‘maybe’ because they are so bashed on the radio, but when you see them live you can’t help but be impressed. And I’m not impressed easily, ooohhh a glossy pen!

Following Opshop it was time for Evermore to grace the stage, and with the many ‘lights surrounding you’ as they played, I was even more impressed.

However, something that isn’t quite as impressive as these two bands live is the fact that it was only after the bands had played that I found out I could have interviewed them before they went on stage. How dumb am I.

Anyway, this did not dampen the spirits of my night and when I got to town things got even better. Not that I again have full recollection, but I do believe it was fun.

Only one more day to go now. Make the most of it. Conge.