Lindauer Ball Puttin’ on the Ritz at Millennium Hotel.

Scot from Gore gets wishes he could remember day 8:

It was a night to remember, and I wish I could. However the memories which do linger and have survived the onslaught of Winter Festivals’ sterling social scene, remind me that the Lindauer Ball was definitely up there with my favourite events.

Like all others the night was started with a quiet beer, then with my trusty camera in hand I made my way through the partying crowd to get my footage. Once this generic filming was over it was time to turn my attention to the journalistic side of the evening with an interview with Mr. Frankie Stevens himself.

Now although I am not really too sure what Frankie does, I am aware that he is one funny guy and that being around him definitely gives you an air of confidence. So after putting the hard hitting questions out there, such as, ‘how is your night going Frankie?’, I decided it was time to strut a little for the camera. And what better way to do this than with two very gorgeous and famous ladies on either arm. I love my job.

So after doing my thing and making a fool of myself for the camera, it was time to walk the overly drunk girl home, and then move onto town to indulge in all a man in a suit can. Life was good. Auf Wiedersehen