The Speight’s Dog Derby at Coronet Peak and the Dog Barking Competition at the Village Green.


There were a record number of dogs and their owners this year at the Speight’s Dog Derby held at Coronet Peak as part of the American Express Queenstown Winter Festival on Thursday July 3.

Much to the amusement of skiers and boarders on the mountain, 85 dogs jumped onto the chairlifts whisking them to the top of the racetrack.

In breakneck speed with their masters valiantly trying to keep them in check the field of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds tore down the course.

Taking out first place was Steven Joyce with his dog Fall second went to Mike Gill with Zig and third to Daniel Price with Lyod.

First female to finish was Sharon Chant and her dog Tap.


Click on the play button to see who dressed to kill at the Skyline ‘Murder at the Casino Royale’ Vegas Style.

Scot from Gore gets down doggie-style on day 7:

Blood was spilled, dogs were shivering, and all the owners could think of was a cool beer. Excuse the pun but today’s dog events have been barking mad.

It all started atop Coronet Peak where eighty dogs’ and their owners raged down the mountain to be first dog and owner to the finish line. What a sight to behold, and aside from the many dogs who got lost and in turn were bought down the mountain aloft skis and snowboards, the event was a great success.

Sticking with the theme of dogs I then made my way back down the mountain to the dog barking competition. This event although very repetitive was actually much more entertaining than I had expected. When you get together some high country farmers and dogs that won’t bark for them, that is when the fun all starts. You can’t put a price on dog owners filling in for their speechless dogs and attempting to bark themselves.

However, the best of the day was still to come, the late laughs night. Dai Henwood, Jeremy Corbett, Justine Smith and Te Radar, what more can you ask for? Again these comedians had me in stitches, Justine even took the piss out of Gore, how very relevant to me she was; thank-you Justine. Dai was once again my favorite, he even taught me a new sex move, it’s called the ‘Spider Man’. If you don’t know what it is, look it up, it would definitely be a laugh. Sayonara