Q92 The Breeze Downtown Day at Earnslaw Park. Hotel bosses compete, top blokes throw pizzas and corporate big-shots dress in drag and race each other in heels.

 Our beloved visitor from Gore’s diary entry day 6:

Queenstown is not generally known for its cross-dressing business men, these are usually scenes more common in Christchurch or Auckland, but today it was the local boys turn to get their gender mixed up.

Day Six of the Winter Festival began with a few un-practiced fella’s showing off their hospitality skills, followed closely by some very hung-over top bloke’s attempting to throw and catch pizza’s. How very boring this all was if I do say so myself, but the day did improve when the dragsters made their appearance.

After these dodgy looking men strutted off their roofless bus it was time for them to show off their stuff on stage. These are memories I would rather forget. Tight pink G-strings, fishnet tights, and thick layers of make-up are not exactly a country boys dream.

The boys then proceeded to race each other round a track of hay bales and other various obstacles to claim the title of best tranny, however Mountain Scene’s very own Richard Thomas has now let us down two years in a row while only claiming second place. But on the up side he did win the most photogenic, so I am mildly proud.

Anyway, after being forced to witness that atrocity, I believe I can no longer be hassled for coming from Gore, I feel we should now all focus of Richard the repulsive dragster. Arrivederci