Couples Retreat


Couples Retreat

Rating: 3 ½ / 5 stars
By Henry-Stewart Landsborough

I wasn’t expecting a lot from Couples Retreat, as I have not been particularly impressed with Hollywood’s offerings of late. So it was a nice surprise to find a light-hearted and fun movie about the trials and tribulations of 30-something couples.

This hasn’t got the same laugh-out loud appeal as The Hangover, or the memorable moments. However I was able to switch-off and have a chuckle for a couple of hours and with such a good cast, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Standout performance: Kristen Bell – but I think she’s always awesome from way back in her Veronica Mars days!

This movie is now showing a Reading Cinemas in Queenstown.

This review has been written and rated by Henry-Stewart Landsborough of Reading Cinemas Queenstown.

Couples Retreat
Rated: M – contains sexual references
Stars: 3 ½ / 5 stars
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 122 mins