Conversing with Aotearoa/New Zealand


USA 2005 14min

Directed by Corrie Francis

This is the result of artist, Corrie Francis’ year as a Fulbright Fellow Conversing with Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

The film uses unique visual imagery to take the viewer into the physical and mental wilderness of the diverse landscapes of New Zealand.

In this animated documentary, New Zealanders attempt to fathom their deep, personal connection with their land.

Among the interviewees are hunters, fishermen, farmers, trampers, mountaineers, adventurer-racers, conservationists, ecologists, artists, urban and rural dwellers, Pakeha, Maori and tourists, young, old and in between.

The thread that ties them all together is a passion and love for the wild places in New Zealand.

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Banff Mountain Film Festival Competition 2006
Finalist Best Film on Mountain Environment
Telluride Mountain Film Festival Competition 2007
Nevada City Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival 2007
Auckland University multimedia exposure 2005
First Prize