Concord Dawn plays in Queenstown this weekend


For veteran Kiwi DJ and producer Matt Harvey, of Concord Dawn, life has been a whirlwind.Concord Dawn has taken him all over the world, and after a few months of making music he’s coming back to New Zealand shores. 

Playing in New Zealand provides an atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere. 

“Kiwis are up there. People react differently to different sounds,’’ he says 

“A lot of the big acts really rate the crowds down here; they love to come down here. They just lap it up.” 

When playing a gig, whether at a festival or a small club, it always comes down to the energy of the crowd, he says. 

“If the people are really into it, it’s a really beautiful thing. It can be quite special.’’ 

After almost 15 years of testing the boundaries of drum ‘n’ bass, Harvey has begun experimenting with different styles of electronic music. 

“I’m getting old,” he says with a laugh. 

“I’ve been doing a bit of house music on the side, deep grungy house. It’s been good to do something other than drum ‘n’ bass.” 

However, a chance to experiment has not moved the man from his passion for the electronic genre. 

“When I do sit down I have a much clearer idea of what I want to do.” 

While making music has literally been a way of life for Harvey, he admits all that it entails can sometimes become a bit of a grind. 

“I try not to be [on the road] as much as I used to be. The novelty of it all does kind of wear off.” 

On the other hand there are some bonuses:

“Some of the travel bits are epic. I’ve been to some pretty interesting places.” 

Spending 15 years in the game, Harvey has seen some significant changes in the music industry. 

“Everything is so here and now these days with FaceBook . . . it’s like you need to constantly keep updating where you’re going and what you’re doing. 

“I do try and stay away from that. My girlfriend doesn’t have Facebook - she thinks it’s stupid.” 

The art of DJing has also undergone significant changes with the surge in popularity of electronic music. 

“The focus has been too much on the DJ over the last few years, like they’re some god with lights.” 

Harvey seeks to maintain a simplistic approach to DJing. 

“For me, playing good tunes is 95 per cent of it.”

Catch Concord Dawn this Saturday at Loco Cantina from 9pm.