Coming back for Moa


Hey Queenstown – Kiwi songbird Anika Moa wants you to know you’re a consistently good time. 

“Always nice, always kind. Some towns I play in they’ll differ – one year real quiet, real nice and next year they’re bastards. 

“Queenstown’s always been good to me.” 

So she’s coming back this weekend. And she’s booked a four-day break here from a nationwide tour after the local Winehouse and Kitchen gig on Saturday so she can enjoy the place – or more specifically its wineries. 

Moa doesn’t care for the adrenaline-pumping action side of the resort. 

“Did bungy jumping years ago and I hated it. I just got scared and shat my pants. It wasn’t my buzz. 

“I just love the wineries, meeting up with all the cool people and the tourists and all the hurdy gurdies,” she says. 

“We’re just going to hang out. I’ll probably just spend lots of time in Cromwell because that’s where we’ll be staying. We’ll be doing lots of wine tasting.” 

Unlike her Queenstown gig at Revolver in May, this time there’ll be no band. It’s just Moa, a guitar and no doubt her amusing between-song anecdotes. 

Moa says she’ll be playing tunes from all four of her albums, which includes her highly-acclaimed most-recent release Love in Motion. 

She’s in a good space, married to the love of her life burlesque performer Azaria Universe and doesn’t think back at all to 2000 when she was briefly signed to a major international label and moved to the United States where things didn’t work out. 

“I love my life. I love the way it has turned out – so it’s not really important to me. It could have been different, actually it probably would have been different. 

“But I’m glad I’ve put out the albums I’ve put out and I never have any regrets about that kind of thing.
“People have too many expectations on each other and they forget to think ‘Oh what does the actual person 
actually want for themselves’. Everyone wants everyone else to be something that they’re not. 

“That’s why I live the life I live and stay out of everyone else’s.” 

Although she does have some advice for budding musos in the resort. 

“You’ve just got to practice lots. It’s the only thing that will get you good is if you practice and stay committed and once you’ve got all the good songs, tour and tour and tour and tour and tour,” Moa says. 

“Because the only way you can truly prove yourself is if you pull it off live.”