Comic promises offensive mixture


Some people are just born creative – and local artist Peter Caulton has been blessed with both comic and musical talent.

He’ll be unleashing his kind of comedy at Queenstown’s Vinyl Underground but warns it isn’t for “boring people.”

The Grammy Award-nominated country musician describes his comic genre as “bent”. As a recording artist his gig will be part traditional comedy and part musical parodies.

“It can be quite a mix – why didn’t Madonna kill American Pie, things you don’t say to your wife and an ode to a colorectal surgeon. It feels good to lighten the mood,” he jokes.

The musician who is well-known as a Johnny Cash tribute act believes many comics on the scene are too politically correct and is critical of sticking to the norm.

“You should bend the rules and don’t take prisoners. It is all bullshit in the first place and that is a slippery slope to totalitarianism. There is too much of that in this country.”

He says locals and tourists are watching the likes of Brit comic Jimmy Carr and know comedy can be close to the bone.

“They [the audience] shouldn’t be so touchy, comedy can be hard-hitting. Basically anything goes.”

He has spent years perfecting his genre including years in Germany performing to British soldiers.

“They were the best audience. With them you take no prisoners – practise your routine.”

He reckons the comic scene in Queenstown is poor and hopes more clubs will venture out in booking more comedy acts.

“There are no resident comics in Queenstown – that’s a shame. It is open territory.”

As an artist he appreciates the different performances and says going from music to comedy lets him add further strings to his bow.

“I like to see the reaction from people, with music you don’t always get that. I want my performance to be passing-beer-through-your-nose funny. That’s how you know they are having a good time.”

What can his audience expect? “Fun – that’s basically what you do it for.”

Peter Caulton is playing Vinyl Underground tomorrow, from 10pm