Checking in on the gals – 2 weeks to go


Mountain Scene catches up with two ladies involved in the Winter Festival Ladies Fashion Challenge – the girls have been training for nine weeks.



Amanda Voyce
“The workouts have been really tough and they stay really tough because you make them harder and harder. It’s probably been tougher on my husband because he’s got to be home a lot more to take care of the kids. I fitted into my wedding ring for the first time this week, in about two-and-a-half years – that was one of my goals.”




Mandy Gardiner
“The training is hard, a lot harder than what I sort of envisaged but it’s very motivational. You do a session and you think, ‘Oh, that was hard’. Then you might do something else that’s similar and it’s just that little bit easier the next time. I definitely have lost weight, my self-esteem has gone up a bit and I feel a lot more alive.”




Megan Ide
“The first couple of weeks were really tiring. I got into the swimming pool with my togs on inside out after the first week, that’s how tired I was. But then I started getting really energetic and enthusiastic. I’ve done so many cool things like a 5km run and I biked up Coronet Peak and back, I never thought I’d do that. The hardest thing has been the early morning starts.”




Jodi Yelland
“It’s been really hard getting into a routine when you haven’t really done anything for a while. But nine weeks in, I’m kind of starting to enjoy it. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. It’s going to be all over too soon. All my trousers and everything are starting to feel a bit loose now and people are starting to notice, so something must be going right.”




Judy Reid
“It’s pretty full-on. They want us to do nine sessions a week at the moment. I’m not quite making everything but they just said if you can’t fit it in to drop a class or two. We’ve all had our halfway measure and weigh-in. I didn’t lose as many kilos as I had wanted to, but I lost quite a lot of body fat.”





Órlagh Allcorn
“It’s hard work but I am already feeling a lot fitter and healthier. There’s no way I could have done the exercises we are doing now before this started. I’m really happy with the change in diet too – I’ve had breakfast every morning for the last eight weeks – something I haven’t done for years. I had a fitting for catwalk clothes this week, a real confidence boost.”




Susan Daly
“The ladies in the supermarket tell me I’ve lost weight – if people are noticing, then you must be. We have a lot of fun – we had a most gorgeous yoga class and we did a treasure hunt through town which was hilarious. The trainers are just fantastic, so it doesn’t get boring.”




Rachael Long
“Up until four weeks ago I was really down in the dumps about it and just thought, ‘this is too much’. But now I’m beginning to really like the exercising. The trainers really encourage you to get into it, so it’s quite good fun. It’s really good hanging out with all the girls and working out together.”




Rana Birss
“I’m feeling really good – I’m enjoying all the exercise and nutrition and change of diet. I eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables, I don’t eat bread or potatoes. I normally have five to six smaller meals a day rather than larger ones. The group sessions are good – there’s a wide variety of different exercises and activities and we work together as a team.”



Helena Pamphlion
“It’s a lot of hard work but it’s good – I’m starting to feel a bit healthier and a lot fitter. The best thing so far is the triathlons – we do one each week in the gym and write down our time and try to beat it next time. It’s 1500 metres on the rower, 5km on the bike and 1.5km on the treadmill.”