Chasin’ their dream


For newbie band Chasin Wolves creating decent original music is more important than getting gigs in Queenstown.

The trio has sworn off covers,saying it’s simply not for them.

Matt Collie on vocals, Olly Burgin on bass and Andres Bedoya on drums will play The London tomorrow night.

The boys previously played in five-piece band The Space Between, so the Queenstown music scene isn’t new to them.

This new project is the result of seven months’ hard work, creating music, practicing sets and also time in the recording studio.

Collie writes the songs but it’s very much a team effort. He brings a melody to the table and as a band they create the full sound. Once complete, vocals are added.

Lyrics usually come from life experience and include having kids, time spent with mates, living in New Zealand, news, everyday politics, parties – anything that depicts how people interact with each other.

They’ve spent the last few months recording and plan to release a five-track CD early next year.

Tomorrow’s gig will be a chance to get reaction to the new tracks.

“It depends on the audience. If you can see someone engage and really feel the song, given it’s the first time they’ve heard it, then that’s a buzz for us. That’ll be a pretty good feeling,” Burgin says.

Creativity has been the priority and they hope their set will inspire those who come along to the gig.

The band motto – honesty is the best policy and they will speak up if they don’t think a tune is up to scratch.

Bedoya says: “If something doesn’t work then we simply say that. We’ve been friends for long enough that we won’t get offended. It’s not about personalities. It’s all about the music.”

Burgin agrees and says it’s more important to work on the sound than get gigs, “just for the sake of it.” He recognises their decision to play only original music may limit their gig options.

What is their sound? Most definitely rock. Influences include The Stone Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, Pearl Jam and Nirvana – bands they’ve listened to for years.

Collie says: “We are under no illusion that we’ll make money on this. It would be great if we could take it further, but that’s also not why we are doing it. If we get people listening to the CD and they enjoy it that’s what is important to us. It’s not like we think we will become rock stars.”

Catch Chasin Wolves at The London tomorrow night from 10pm. Free Entry.