Chapter 16 What Did You say Your Name Was Again?


Libby and Meegs were catching up over hang- over reducing plates of bacon and eggs at “Tea and Symphony”. 

“I couldn’t believe Brett doing all those accents for you,” Libby giggled. “They all sounded the same!” 

Meegs looked pained. “God, tell me about it! He’s the bane of my life. The less appealing side of working for a talent agency is having to deal with poor delusionals who’ve had a taste of the glamour and want more. Even if he could do accents properly, he’d be shit out of luck. They bring in trained professionals to do any speaking parts. “ 
Meegs took an appreciative slurp of her smoothie. “Wow, I needed that. I was seriously dry! Anyway less of Brett and more about you, Miss Libby. You were looking very chummy with some luscious looking bloke when I saw you last” 

Libby groaned. “Was that before or after the pole dancing at The Boiler Room? I’m covered in bruises! Why don’t you stop me doing these things?” 

“I tried! Did you think when I grabbed your arm I was attempting to help you up or something? You were like The Terminator sent back to save the world, one pole at a time. You’ve got some quite cheeky moves on you girl, particularly that one that involved falling off the table and landing with your legs in the air, never seen that one before!” 

“Cut me some slack. I’ve had no professional training!” 

“Enough…give me details. I must have details!” Meegs sat forward expectantly. “What’ s his name?” 


“The bloke you went home with, of course!” 

“Who said I went home with him.” 

“I saw him carrying you to the cab. Name?” 

Libby looked shamefaced “Um, I don’t know.” 


“Didn’t ask. Definitely younger than me though” 


Libby brightened a little. That she did know. “Irish!” 

“Are you sure?” 

“Well given he didn’t say ‘tweedle de dee potato’ anywhere in the conversation, it’s hard to be 100 per cent sure but yeah, I’m pretty certain.” 

“Did you enjoy it?” 

“Meegs! For goodness sake!” 

“Well, did you?” 

Libby quailed under Meegs’ gaze.” Ummmmm…not sure. I can’t remember anything.” 

“That’s a bit Sixth Form,” said Meegs disapprovingly. “So are you going to see him again?” 

Libby laughed “Good God no! I didn’t even get around to asking his name let alone asking him for a date. Get real!” 

Meegs sat back in her seat, a satisfied look on her face. “Well Lib, that’s pretty good going. You obviously took everything I told you on board.” She ticked them off on her fingers.” Younger, good looking, one of the more charming nationalities. You didn’t bother getting his name or setting up another date either – that’s admirable sang-froid right there. Welcome to the Cougarhood. You might want to watch those blackout tendencies though. 

You’ll find you’ll enjoy sex a lot more if you remain conscious.” 

Libby was not pleased. “Not much difference between cougarhood and being a dirty drunk old slapper, is there? 

Don’t think I’ll be going there again. It’s demeaning.” 

“Libby, Libby, Libby. You have to own your sexuality. You’re in your prime. Use your power.” 

“Meegs, I don’t think our mothers fought in the sexual revolution just so we could feel good about shagging younger men. Anyway, all I’m saying is that, while there’s a first time for everything, there’s also a last. I’ve already forgotten what he looks like and given I never knew his name, it’s like it never happened.” 

“Well you’d better start remembering. He’s just walked in and he’s walking towards us.” 

“Yeah, funny one, Meegs…” Libby turned towards the door only to discover that Meegs wasn’t joking. 

The Man with No Name was indeed heading in their direction and worse than that, he was carrying a bunch of flowers and waving.