Chapter 10 I Am Woman Hear Me ROWRRRRRR!


“So there are definitely two Queenstown women who can tell you in intimate detail what he’s packing inside those jockey shorts!”

Carl finished the story about the All Black with suitable hand gestures indicating width and girth and stood up.
“Well it’s been a pleasure but I must leave you lovely ladies. There’s socialising to be done. That blog won’t write itself and there are photos of delightful people to be taken”

Like Scoop at the Mountain Scene, Carl was notorious for taking social photos of gorgeous young things he had the hots for. Carl, however, liked his cute, brunette and male.

Libby rolled her eyes.

“You and Scoop and your hot totty photos. You’re both the same!”

“Oh I venture I’ve slept with rather more of my subjects than he has!” Carl said with mock coyness. ” Be good, ladies!”

And with that he swept grandly out of the cafe and into the gathering dusk.

Meegs and Libby both shrieked with laughter.

“God he’s priceless, isn’t he?” Libby said.

“One of a kind,” Meegs replied. “That blog of his is hilarious. Not to mention possibly actionable. I don’t know how he gets away with it! There’s a blind item in there today that I would swear is all about that neighbour of yours…you know whatsisname…John Thingy. There’s no name obviously but you don’t have to be the chick on Bones to do the forensics, it’s quite obviously him.”

“What’s the lowdown?” Libby asked

“Well let’s put it this way. If his wife still owes you money for those paintings, you’d better try and get it out of her pretty damned quickly.”

Libby slumped down in her chair.

“Oh Meegs, don’t tell me that! It’s the last thing I need to hear. That money meant that I wasn’t going to have to work this winter! If that cow Angie stiffs me, I’m in deep trouble.”

Christ it was just one thing after another today. She looked at her watch.

“I’d better be getting home Meegs, I promised myself a painting day today and so far I’ve done sod all.”
“All work and no play makes Libby a dull girl. When was the last time you had a night out? It’s Becca’s hen party tonight. Why don’t you come along. The more the merrier. It’s been a long time since Queenstown experienced Libby on the Loose!”

Libby grinned.

“There’s a good reason Libby on the Loose has not been unleashed since I came back from overseas, and that’s because she’s a complete tart once she’s got a few drinks inside her!”

“Oh come on, Libby.Nothing wrong with letting your inner slapper out to play every now and then! I do. In fact, I’ve been taking lessons from Carl Lowry when it comes to getting out there.” 

“What, you go out and take photos of drunk people?”

“No dummy! I shag younger men”

Libby was both shocked and annoyed.

“What! You’re a cougar! I can’t believe you’re buying in to it. It’s such a crap stereotype! You know I’ve always thought the older man-younger woman scenario was just plain wrong but to see older women emulating it is just plain sad. You should know better”

Meegs gave Libby the death stare.

“It’s just a lay, Libby, not a political statement.”

“But you’re encouraging younger men to view older women as a meal ticket” Libby protested.
Meegs gave a hoot of laughter “God, you don’t think I have to buy them drinks to get them to talk to me, do you? Rookie mistake. You don’t have to play the Sugar Mummy with these guys. Look, I have to get going. If you change your mind about coming out we’re meeting at Brazz at 8.”

Libby set down her paintbrush for the second time in half an hour. God her concentration was shot. Bloody Meegs. She’d always been so out there but this! This was…well kind of seedy.

Still, she was right, it had been a while since Libby had been out for just a drink even, let alone a night on the tiles.

She looked at her watch, turned the lights out in her studio and went to the bedroom. Throwing open the doors of her wardrobe, she began to look for the perfect little something to wear.

“I think an animal print might be appropriate” Libby thought and she began to whistle a merry little tune. 

All characters in Remarkables Lane are fictitious and any resemblance to any person alive or dead is purely coincidental…. No seriously, you’re really not that interesting