Candidate form guide: How they rate


Simon Hayes
His recent mud-slinging against mayoral rivals – and his planned holiday over the elections – may not have been the best move. 6/10

Michael Scott
A likeable bloke but appears to be a bit unsure about some of the major issues. 4/10

Vanessa van Uden
Seems like she wants the job the most. Answers to issues have generally been the most convincing. 8/10

Annette Dalziel
Seems like a nice person with a good heart. Answers to questions at public forums have been a tad wishy-washy. 4/10

Mel Gazzard
This self-confessed member of the “B Team” on the current council raised some good points but unfortunately lacked charisma at public meetings. 5/10

Cath Gilmour
A strong contender with a proven record from her previous term. Has impressed at public meetings. 8/10

John Mann
If elected, his previous experience as a two-term councillor would mix well with other new faces. 5/10

Russell Mawhinney
Comes across as energetic, intelligent and has delivered thoughtful answers in public forums. 7/10

Kevin Peterson
Going by his thoughtful, balanced responses at public meetings it seems he would be a valuable member of the council. 7/10

Simon Stamers-Smith
Colourful character who has delivered intelligent, pithy comments at public forums. Not afraid to speak his mind. 7/10

Preston Stevens
Seemed to say what the public wants to hear at candidates’ meetings. His professional skills as an architect could be a bonus. 5/10

Trevor Tattersfield
Softly-spoken chap whose business experience could be beneficial to the council make-up. 6/10

Grahame Thorne
Likely to be the council comedian if elected. Has even managed to crack self-deprecating jokes about formerly being a Jafa. With a number plate XABXMP, the former All Black and MP promises to turn up to council meetings – unlike his track record on other councils. 6/10

Karen V. Swaine
Has impressed at public meetings. A vocal and passionate advocate for the Wakatipu who delivers intelligent and thoughtful responses. 7/10

Geoff Wilson
This election bad boy made his opinions known at public meetings. Could stir the council pot if elected. 4/10

Lex Perkins
This incumbent is one of the few candidates defending the actions of the current council. 5/10

Simon Spark
One of the most impressive candidates in the field who deserves to be elected. Refreshingly open and honest about not knowing some of the issues yet still manages to talk about them intelligently. 8/10