Burlesque (with trailer)


Rating: 4 /5 Stars
By Samantha Relph, Cinema Manager 

The story we all know. A small-town girl dreams of stardom, moves to the city (in this case Los Angeles), gets discovered and finds love… However, there is not one moment you won’t feel entertained watching Burlesque. 

Our heroine is Ali (Christina Aguilera) who quits a dull life in Iowa and heads for the bright lights of Hollywood. There she meets Tess (Cher), owner of an ailing club called the Burlesque Lounge, who hires her as a waitress. 

After convincing Tess to give her a chance performing as one of the dancers, fate steps in and Ali finally gets to sing in that familiar booming voice we all know. Aguilera is really in her element in this movie and perfect for the sexy sassiness of Burlesque. 

Now a rising star, Ali falls for the handsome bartender, Jack (whose fiancé is conveniently ‘out of town’) and saves the Club from closure! 

So that’s the basic plot….. this is one of those films to just sit back, relax and enjoy. A bit of theatrical fun with plenty of glitz and glamour, fantastic costumes and even some cheeky contortionists in keeping with the style……! 

The supporting cast could easily be overshadowed by the two divas but all play their parts well, in particular Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones, The Devil Wears Prada) who gives a really convincing and engaging performance as the Stage Manager, Sean