Bring on the musical numbers


Broadway comes to Queens­town this Saturday night with a performance of show tunes from hit musicals. 

Kyle Chuen, starring in Queenstown’s upcoming Chicago, will entertain diners at Les Alpes jazz club, accompanied by pianist Mark Wilson and other cast members. 

“This won’t be intimate little background music,” the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art graduate says. 

“It’s a full-on performance. I don’t want to say dinner theatre but it’s almost that style just because of the nature of what I’m doing.” 

Chuen promises about a dozen numbers during the two-hour gig. 

“Mainly it’s well-known musical theatre songs – My Fair Lady, Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera – with a few more modern songs that people might not know. They’re interesting story-telling songs.” 

The classically-trained Auckland tenor and actor is in the resort for Showbiz Queenstown’s Chicago show, in which he plays a small but important role. 

Chuen says he’s been lucky enough to get key members of Chicago involved in his Les Alpes performance – local pianist Wilson along with Nicole McLean who plays Velma and Fiona Stephenson, who’s Roxie. 

“There’ll also be a little guest appearance by a few other members of the cast with a snippet of Chicago that we’re putting in there,” Chuen says. 

Chuen has wide experience in musical theatre and Shakespeare, performing professionally with theatre companies throughout New Zealand, including The Court Theatre, The Fortune Theatre and A Different Light Theatre Company. 

Catch Kyle Chuen, Wilson and co at Les Alpes Restaurant, Church Street, this Saturday from 7pm-9pm. Admission is free