Brighton Rock


Reviewed by: Samantha Relph, Manager Dorothy Browns Cinema

Rating: 3+/5 stars

Based on the Graham Greene novel, Director Rowan Joffe has made a bold move to remake the movie set in the1960’s. Whether this works in terms of the culture and language of it’s original period (1930’s) may be debatable but I couldn’t help but be captivated by the era of mods vs. rockers and the essence of a British seaside town during those times.

This dark crime drama tells of Pinkie Brown (Sam Riley) an ambitious young gangster determined to stop other gangs taking over his ’patch’ but, when he kills a rival, the murder is witnessed by an innocent, impressionable waitress, Rose (Andrea Riseborough). To ensure Rose keeps quiet Pinkie seduces her, but can he be trusted?

Whilst Riley is absorbing to watch as the menacingly, cold Pinkie the standout performance for me is from Andrea Riseborough. She is fragile and naïve but always optimistic in a way the uncertainty of youth brings. There develops a warped kind of love story between them, the devil and an angel, and Rose’s path will make your heart sink.

As the tension builds, Pinkie is pursued by Ida Arnold (the ever talented Helen Mirren), Rose’s employer and friend of the murder victim. A mother figure to Rose, she is determined to protect her and refuses to be intimidated by Pinkie.

A gripping couple of hours.