Brave Winter Fest charity boxers named


Meet Queenstown’s brave Winter Festival charity fight night boxers. 

The Thriller in the Chiller contenders are: (back row, from left) Kelvin Middleton, Lee Excell, Jochen Wauters, Peter Buckley and Andy Lisseman (third row, from left) Ryan Keen, David Lynott, Aidan Winter, Alex Ritchie, John Coles and Ben Kyllonen (second row, from left) Dave van Hertog, Sean Sutton, Jeremy Wynyard, Brett Black, Feleki Uhrle and James Ace (front, from left) Clare Temperton, Teresa Wallace, Linda Coultrip and Lisa Murphy. 

The chosen 22, picked from 50 volunteers who started training five weeks ago, now perfect their punches before getting in the ring at the Events Centre on June 26.