Bout 9 – Steven ‘The Warrior’ Walsh v Jason ‘Hooligan’ Hughes



Winner: Steven ‘The Warrior’ Walsh (unanimous points decision) 

Daz Giddens (trainer) says: Steve threw some really lovely shots and showed he has a lot of natural ability. Jason had a decent crack but Steve had too many skills for him in the end.

Steven ‘The Warrior’ Walsh 

Age: 21 
Height: 175cm 
Weight: 75kg
Sponsor: Crowne Plaza Queenstown
Day job: Crowne concierge
How’d you’d get roped into this? Saw ad, looked sweet and my mates wanted to see me get punched in the face
How are you shaping up? Feeling fit. Training just gets harder but all good fun. The 5.30am starts are horrific
Creed you live by? Put a date on a dream, it becomes a goal. Aim for the goal, becomes a challenge. Beat the challenge, the reward is success.
Main strength? My balls of steel
Experience in the ring? Yes, I was in the second film
Your opponent? No clue. Injury forced original opponent Darren Malatesta to pull out. But I’ll fight anyone
Boxing hero? Tyson. ‘Everyone has a plan, ‘til they get punched in the mouth …’

Jason ‘Hooligan’ Hughes 

Age: 34 
Height: 178cm 
Weight: 77kg
Sponsor: Shotover Canyon Swing
Day job: Securitisation manager at Motor Trade Finance
How’d you get roped into this? Got a last-minute call-up and coming over from Dunedin
How are you shaping up? Time will tell
Creed you live by? Live every day like it’s your last, always push the boundaries
Main strength? Unknown, we shall see on the night
Experience in the ring? None
Your opponent? I know nothing about him
Boxing hero? Floyd Mayweather