Bout 7 – Johnny ‘Roast of the day’ Stevenson v Paddy ‘Hurricane’ Kluts



Winner: Paddy ‘Hurricane’ Kluts (split decision) 

Daz Giddens (trainer) says: A close and hard-fought bout. It got a bit messy at times but was fought at a good pace all the way through with Paddy taking a tight one on points.

Johnny ‘Roast of the day’ Stevenson 

Age: 48 
Height: 178cm 
Weight: 88kg
Sponsor: Steamer Wharf
Day job: Commercial property manager
How’d you get roped into this? Watching last year and wondered ‘Could I do that?’
How are you shaping up? Left a few kgs on gym floor. Blocking a few punches with forehead and feel I’m dominating punch bag
Creed you live by? You regret things you didn’t do more than things you did
Main strength? Deep Heat, Wakatipu Senior Citizens, Westpac Recue Chopper, Zimmer Frames
Experience in the ring? Went to Stonehenge once
Your opponent? Prefer if shorter, fatter and slower but if the night before the fight he goes to an infamous Good Group staff party, I should be in with a crack
Boxing hero? Gandhi. Made his point without fighting

Paddy ‘Hurricane’ Kluts 

Age: 21 
Height: 181cm 
Weight: 88kg
Sponsor: Good Group
Day job: Bardeaux bar manager
How’d you get roped into this? Was my previous flatmate who continuously talked about it enough to make me think that it was a good idea
How are you shaping up? Shaping up very well – with what I have planned over the next few weeks I know I’ll be a wrecking machine come June 30th
Creed you live by? Carpe diem
Main strength? Ability to feel no emotion
Experience in the ring? Does the bedroom count?
Your opponent? Pushing his years a bit but giving him credit for coming out of retirement
Boxing hero? Butterbean – boom!!!