Bout 6 – Alice The Ginger Crunch’ Cournane v Joanna Jo’s a fiend’ Wells



Winner: Alice ‘The Ginger Crunch’ Cournane (split decision) 

Daz Giddens (trainer) says: Leading up to fight night Jo was the favourite but Alice managed to unleash her ‘Ginger Crunch’ to get the win. A very entertaining and gutsy bout by these two.

Alice ‘The Ginger Crunch’ Cournane

Age: 27 
Height: 167cm 
Weight: 64kg
Sponsor: Lisa and Grant ‘Spud’ Murphy at Old Man Rock/Chico’s
Day job: Probation officer
How’d you get roped into this? Had a taste of training last year with Daz Giddens’ classes and loved it. Plus my man got in great shape doing Thriller last year
How are you shaping up? Fitter than I’ve ever been (and thirstier)
Creed you live by? You get out what you put in, so put it all in. And earn your thirst
Main strength? Fiery ginger genes
Experience in the ring? First-timer
Your opponent? I’m a bit scared
Boxing hero? My mate Niki, killing it in her first year as an amateur boxer

Joanna ‘Jo’s a fiend’ Wells

Age: 30 
Height: 170cm 
Weight: 64kg
Sponsor: Tardis Bar
Day job: I’m a nightwalker – DJ at Tardis. Has been fun going straight from work to training in the morning
How’d you get roped into this? Roped myself into it.Always wanted to have a go at boxing and it’s about time I stopped being such a waster
How are you shaping up? Really good, feeling more comfortable and confident by the day and have got muscles showing that I never knew existed
Creed you live by? Live each minute as if it’s your last. In my case, it’ll be six minutes
Main strength? Can’t tell you or I’ll be giving it away
Experience in the ring? Ring virgin
Your opponent? Even match, should be a good one
Boxing hero? Rocky, of course. Who else?!