Bout 5 – Graham ‘The Diamond Cutter’ McLellan v Cesar ‘C-Bomb’ Piotto



Winner: Cesar ‘C-Bomb’ Piotto (unanimous points decision) 

Daz Giddens (trainer) says:
Cesar landed his C-bomb early to drop and buckle Graham’s legs and Cesar carried on landing overhand shots at will. Graham did well to stay cool after that initial onslaught.

Cesar ‘C-Bomb’ Piotto, 34 

Height: 176cm
Weight: 92kg
Sponsor: Coronet Peak and The Remarkables
Day job: NZSki general manager snowsports
How’d you get roped into this? Supporting our mate Hedgehog last year was what initially got me interested. After the NZSki boot camp, I thought I’d have a leg up on the other guys trying out. When it came to sign up there was no question about it
How are you shaping up? Feeling great. Training is going well and it’s starting to fall into place
Creed you live by? Don’t do it harder, do it smarter
Main strength? Being smaller than G means I’m more nimble so I can move in and out quickly
Experience in the ring? Still haven’t been in one yet, so I guess none
Your opponent? He’s taller, heavier and has a longer reach…but I have some tricks up my sleeve
Boxing hero? After watching the Mayweather fight a few weeks ago, I take my hat off to anyone that can last 12 three minute rounds. Those guys are tough.

Graham ‘The Diamond Cutter’ McLellan, 32 

Height: 188cm
Weight: 97kg
Sponsor: Swordfox
Day job: Technical guy at Swordfox
How’d you get roped into this? Myself and a few mates decided to do the bootcamp after Thriller 2011, one thing lead to another and here I am
How are you shaping up? Fitter and stronger than ever after almost 12 months training
Creed you live by? Work hard, play hard and fight hard
Main strength? My finishing move, the diamond cutter.
Experience in the ring? Zip
Thoughts on your opponent? Cesar Salad? He’s shorter than me but quicker so it should be a good show
Boxing hero? Rubin “Hurricane” Carter