Bout 4 – Alice ‘Big Gun’ Cannan v Jessica ‘The Ripper’ Ryan


Winner: Alice ‘Big Gun’ Cannan (split decision) 

Daz Giddens (trainer) says: Another very evenly matched bout with not much to separate these two but Alice’s hammer jab was the decider. Plenty of action and punches thrown in this one.

Alice ‘Big Gun’ Cannan, 30 

Height: 172cm
Weight: 68kg
Sponsor: Active QT and The Frontrunner
Day job: Queenstown Primary teacher
How’d you get roped into this? I’ve always wanted to have a go at boxing. After attending Thriller last year I knew I wanted to experience it for myself
How are you shaping up? The training is awesome. It is challenging both mentally and physically and has definitely been a rollercoaster ride, but I’m loving it
Creed you live by? If you’re not busy living, you’re busy dying
Main strength? Determination and commitment
Experience in the ring? A mate and I did a boxing bootcamp last year before Christmas – the thought of sparring back then was pretty scary
Your opponent? She is fit, fiery and loves push ups
Boxing hero? Peekay from The Power of One

Jessica ‘The Ripper’ Ryan, 24 

Height: 172cm
Weight: 69kg
Sponsor: Copthorne Hotel & Resort Queenstown Lakefront
Day job: Copthorne Hotel & Resort Queenstown Lakefront reservations manager
How’d you get roped into this? I’m always looking for a new challenge and saw this as my perfect opportunity. I’ve been to the last two Thrillers and always said I’d love to give it a go but I wanted to get my fitness up first. I entered the contender boot camp thinking my chances of getting through were slim to none as so many girls were going for it
How are you shaping up? Training’s going really well. It’s tough but I’m really enjoying it. I wasn’t sure how I’d take the sparring but it’s a great new level of fitness for me. Been giving it everything I’ve got day in day out so I’ll be well prepared on the night
Creed you live by? What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger
Main strength? I’ve gained some pretty good power
Experience in the ring? No experience, this is something very new & different for me. Surprisingly enough I’m loving it
Your opponent? Alice is looking really good. She’s got great technique and a good punch. We’re pretty evenly matched up so I think we’ll put on a good fight
Boxing hero? I’m not a huge follower of boxing, but if I had to say one it would be Muhammad Ali