Bout 2 – Claire ‘Breaking Bones’ Jones v Di ‘The Detonator’ Reid



Winner: Claire ‘Breakin Bones’ Jones (unanimous points decision) 

Darryl Giddens (trainer) says: Di started good but once Claire warmed into it, Di started feeling her power. To her credit Di took really hard shots but didn’t flinch … she just kept on coming.




Claire ‘Breaking bones’ Jones, 24 

Height: 170cm
Weight: 71.6kg
Sponsor: Brazz on the Green
Day job: Food and beverage assistant at The Oaks Shores
How’d you get roped into this? Volunteered last year to work the night for Queenstown Rovers Football Club and it was great fun. Pretty much decided that night that I wanted to take part
How are you shaping up? Not too bad I don’t think
Creed you live by? You live and learn
Main strength? Hopefully my fitness in the ring and my foot work
Experience in the ring? No experience at all in the ring – this is all totally new to me
Your opponent? She’s really upped her game these last couple of weeks in training which is worrying but everything is leading towards a great even fight that could go either way
Boxing hero? It’s really bad but I don’t know the sport that well to have a hero

Di ‘The Detonator’ Reid, 28 

Height: 168cm
Weight: 70kg
Sponsor: Queenstown i-SITE
Day job: Queenstown i-SITE frontline manager
How’d you get roped into this? I seem to recall some friends thinking it was a good idea and somehow finding myself involved too
How are you shaping up? I’m feeling good, surviving the early mornings and fitness sessions, just!
Creed you live by? Life’s too short, do what makes you happy
Main strength? I’m a true Southern girl, no excuses where I come from
Experience in the ring? None
Thoughts on your opponent? She may be a star on the soccer field but the ring’s gonna’ be a different story. Should be a good fight
Boxing hero? Muhammad Ali