Bout 10 – Richie ‘Rampage’ Evans v Lewis ‘Young Buck’ Benseman


Winner: Richie ‘Rampage’ Evans (split decision) 

Daz Giddens (trainer) says: Another hard-headed and heated match-up – both these guys wanted this badly. Richie came out on top but gee, it was very close. Good sportsmanship from both at the end.

Richie ‘Rampage’ Evans, 27 

Height: 172cm
Weight: 75kgs
Sponsor: Queenstown Concrete Grinding
Day job: Concrete grinder
How’d you get roped into this? Last year I said if I was still in town I’d do it, and low and behold I’m still here so I’m living up to my word and I’m going for it
How are you shaping up? Fitter than I ever was, feel great and now just can’t wait for the fight
Creed you live by? Never give up – where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Main strength? Mental strength and determination – I’ve got a fairly good right cross which helps too.
Experience in the ring? None, this will be my first so hopefully I don’t get a taste of canvas
Your opponent? Lewis is a good boxer, moves well and throws a lot of punches. I’ve been watching him quite a bit so I know he’s going to be tough but I’ve a couple of things up my sleeve which will hopefully pay off.
Boxing hero? “Iron” Mike Tyson. Absolute animal in the ring, speed, power and intimidation over opponents was electrifying to watch

Lewis ‘Young Buck’ Benseman, 21 

Height: 178cm
Weight: 76kg
Sponsor: AJ Hackett Bungy
Day job: Bungy jump operator
How’d you get roped into this? Talking the talk and having to back it up
How are you shaping up? Slowly but surely
Creed you live by? I thought that Creed was a band and that they sucked
Main strength? Pretty confident about the fight so confidence would have to be my main strength
Experience in the ring? Started around Christmas time up at Fight Science
Your opponent? Doesn’t matter about my opponent. It’s all about me
Boxing hero? Sonny Bill Williams…nah, Floyd Mayweather