Big Bud is back


Veteran English DJ Big Bud doesn’t mind travelling about 19,000km for a one-night stand in Queenstown. 

The drum ‘n’ bass master – real name Robin O’Reilly – is spinning decks at Subculture this Saturday. 

It’s the second time he’s made a whistlestop trip to the resort but he doesn’t expect to have a better look around than last time he was here for a gig, about three years ago. 

“The best thing was I arrived at night last time so couldn’t see much – so the view I had when I opened the curtains the next morning left me speechless.” 

The UK muso is “sadly” only playing in Dunedin and Queenstown on his latest New Zealand visit. 

“I’m not even doing Auckland on this trip – shame, I know, but I’ll be back,” he promises. 

Since he regularly jets round the world – “I’ve lost count of how many countries I’ve been to” – his NZ return 
shouldn’t be too far off. 

O’Reilly reckons he spends more time travelling than performing in his home strip – starting this tour on Christmas Day and not landing back in Britain till mid-March. 

Before that, he’s also returning to Aussie to play ahead of heading to Hong Kong and Taipei. The DJ, also a music producer and boss of his own label Sound Trax for the past eight years, has released more than 100 tracks and five solo albums since 1994. 

O’Reilly says Queenstown has a good rap with other UK drum ’n’ bass DJs and anticipates new sounds he’s been playing on tour will get a good reception to music enthusiasts here. 

“To see the same new tracks get the same reaction in every single country is a great feeling,” O’Reilly says. 

At his gig in the resort, the headliner is being supported by local acts MC Emma Hand and DJs Dan Move and Julio.

Catch Big Bud at Subculture on Saturday, from 9pm. Tickets must be bought beforehand from Quest and Subculture, $10