Beating the 9-to-5 trap


He sells pest traps by day and makes music by night — Sean O’Brien, known as Joe Blossom, is a man of mystery.

The muso works for a Wellington company that makes traps to kill pesky rodents, humanely.

Meanwhile he’s killing the music industry with his new album All Of The Above.

Queenstowners will get the chance to check out his tunes tomorrow at The Sherwood.

He’ll be supported by local muso Paul Shipman.

Blossom’s stage name was in his memory bank from when he was a toddler.

His dad, a Manawatu farmer, used to dabble in horse racing and had a thoroughbred called Joe Blossom.

From then he’d always had a fascination with the horse’s unusual name.

He also reckons that due to all the Irish immigrants the name Sean O’Brien is just too common for his liking.

Blossom considers himself a “sophisticated indie pop” artist.

He hesitates using the word sophisticated, but affirms that since his last album the arrangements and material are more introspective and refined.

Blossom usually performs with a band but for his trip south he’ll be riding solo.

In the back of his mind he always writes music knowing at some point it will just be him and a crowd.

“What people do when there’s less things to see and hear is they start to focus in on things like the lyrics … so I guess there’s an element of poetry to the lyrics.”

Even though he doesn’t usually play solo shows he’s confident in his music.

The new album is only available online or in vinyl form.

At the launch, Blossom sold the download code with a pot of honey to “sweeten the deal”.

“People just aren’t into buying music any more — they’ll buy a T-shirt before they buy the album.”

All Of The Above is a follow-up to his first album, Nocturns, which had more of a rock and roll vibe.

He’ll play some of the songs off Nocturns at his Queenstown gig to mix it up.

Depending on his mood, he might even play some popular covers.

Blossom finds inspiration in artists like David Bowie and Talking Heads.

Contemporary artists like Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean have also started to sneak into the line-up of people that he looks up to.

“I am quite influenced by them. I don’t try to emulate them, but I do enjoy listening to them.”

Joe Blossom plays The Sherwood tomorrow at 8pm — $10 door sales only. All ages.