Back where party started


If major commercial success comes a-knocking, there can be few better prepared for it than Kiwi songbird Jackie Bristow. 

Originally from Gore, the far-travelled singer-songwriter has already mixed it with some of the best musos in the world. 

For the past few years, Bristow has flitted between New Zealand, Australia and the United States where she’s recorded with top session players for superstar acts such as the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Steely Dan, Bob Dylan and Sheryl Crow. 

Her songs have also featured on hit TV shows such as Shortland Street, Home and Away and Outrageous Fortune but she’s still waiting for a real chart breakthrough. 

Queenstown-bound Bristow is back in NZ for a solo tour to push her third album Freedom – and she’s in an upbeat mood. 

“I haven’t had the mainstream attention I’d like to have had but I’ve had a lot of success in an artistic way,” she says. 

“I’ve been very lucky that in the past 10 years I’ve been able to get the respect of some of the best players on the planet, and in that way it’s been like a dream. 

“If by chance I do get that big break commercially then I’ll be totally fine with it. I’m already pretty seasoned.” 

Bristow says her visit to Queenstown will be a trip down memory lane – in the 1990s she used to live in the resort, performing with a covers band six nights a week. 

“I’d just left school and I had an awesome time,” she says. “I’d be up all night playing and partying hard, sleep all day and then get up and do it all over again. 

“When you’re young, there’s something about Queenstown that makes you want to do that kind of thing all the time.”