Aussie import Kayne a live staple


Melbourne musician Kayne Taylor has become a familiar face on the Queens­­­town live music scene. 

The powerhouse singer and guitar­­ist has been performing almost-weekly gigs in the resort’s bars and clubs since he arrived three years ago. 

And while entertaining audiences with commanding rock and pop covers might be his bread and butter, writing original material is his true calling. 

Taylor performs with Queenstown band Mojo – with fellow local music­­ians Pearly McGrath, Shay Muddle, Jodie Malthus and Sam Merrall. Taylor also duos with Merrall. 

Taylor says: “Sam and I write together and the band is just starting to write together now. 

“It’s something we’re really keen on because we get along well together, we’re good at what we do and we’re finding out we write well together as well. 

“Hopefully we’ll get into a studio in the next six months and record some stuff. There have been some offers from acquaintances and friends to go into a studio and start just messing you know. But there are no EPs or anything planned just yet. 

“But that will be the plan, write together and get an album together if it goes that far.” 

For now, Taylor can usually be heard gigging acoustic sets in Pub on Wharf and the Pig ‘n’ Whistle, influenced by the likes of Hendrix, James Brown, Aussie greats Powderfinger and Cold Chisel. 

Taylor, 37, says: “I enjoy the solo, duo and band gigs – I love playing this town. 

“For covers players there are so many venues that still demand live music, which is really cool, and there’s live music seven nights a week. 

“It’s still healthy and there’s plenty of work even though there are quite a few musos in town, but with Revolver closing I don’t know for original bands. It’s a shame. 

“For bigger bands there’s still the Memorial Hall, there’s still been a few of them through.”

Catch Kayne at Pub on Wharf, Wednesday, 9pm