Aussie award winners coming to Queenstown


Queensland Music Award winners DieVsCity play Queenstown this weekend. 

The Aussie dance act – who mix hip-hop with hard hitting melodic club anthems and a twist of rock – have exploded onto the music scene since forming last year. 

Debut track The Stars have Aligned took home the best electro/dance song at the prestigious music awards prior to being officially released. 

And the band, which formed from the embers of Brisbane metal band Torn Asunder, also claimed a Music Oz Award.
Kyel Dancey, MC of Gold Coast-based DvC, says the secret to overnight success is years of experience. 

“Having played in Torn Asunder, I guess we learnt a lot. Now we try to use what we know to work harder and a little wiser. 

“Three of us came from metal backgrounds. 

“Changing the style was an experiential decision at first. Now we’re having a blast working on something different from our usual style. 

“The more new things we try the more we can see the similarities between all types of music. We are definitely finding our feet on the new full length album, which is in the works. It’s as fun as.” 

The band also scored a success in the best ‘alternative’ category at the Music Oz Awards earlier this year, which saw them invited to perform at Sydney Opera House. 

“That was sick. It was a great experience. Other than that our best show was probably the Brisbane HiFi Bar in March at our EP launch alongside Will & the People (UK),” Dancey says. 

Dancey is the creative driving force behind the foursome, which also features vocalist Locky Paul, DJ and producer Ric Parker and drummer Luke Taylor. 

“We met through playing in our last band and have been mates for a long time. 

“Ric was the producer for Wish for Wings latest album. We met him through Locky’s hook up. Ric and his bro from R&D Records (Kiwi boys) then produced our self-titled EP. 

“We hit it off and really got along with each other, it was obvious that Ric belonged in DvC, so he took the job. He’s a top bloke.”  

Other songs on the EP include Out of Sight Out of Mind and Life’s Grand, with an album on the way. 

Dancey says: “We hit the studio full time in October this year, exciting times writing for it at the moment. 

“We want to travel to Thailand for a few shows and shoot a clip for a track off the upcoming album, other than that we would love to play through Asia and the US.” 

Catch DieVsCity at Dux de Lux Friday 3 August. Doors open 9pm and admission is free