Ash and The Matadors on the charge


Dunedin four-piece Ash and The Matadors are leading the charge to inject some classic rock into the South Island music scene. 

The band’s old school sound and look isn’t just a hit with younger fans – older headbangers are into it too. 

“For some reason, we seem to have struck a chord with our parent’s generation,” frontman Ash Officer says. 

“In saying that, we’re not trying to live in the past as we’re trying to get the perfect mix of classic music and something new. I suppose we do have a heavy sound that feels like it comes from the southern states of America but how that has happened is as much a mystery to me as it is to anyone else.” 

The group formed about 18 months ago after Officer returned from a spell travelling overseas. 

“I didn’t join any bands or anything while I was away but I did start writing a lot of songs,” he says. 

“I would be in Ireland or somewhere and I’d have to get my hands on a guitar and just go for it. 

“I almost vomited out a bunch of tunes that I came back to New Zealand with.” 

Ash and The Matadors – who play the Dux on Saturday – are already making a name for themselves on the Dunedin live circuit. 

Their debut EP The Mansion Tapes is also selling well. 

“Our first CD is more of a calling card that captures a moment in time for us,” Officer explains. 

“We recorded it pretty quickly in the front room of an old mansion house we were living in at the time which gave it a special vibe.” 

Officer adds: “Doing the EP was great but the only way to really let people know what we are all about is to make a full-length proper album, and that’s next on our list.”

Catch Ash and The Matadors at Dux de Lux on Saturday from 9pm