Arrowtown Massive upset Central Pelicans in trophy game


The Queenstown Central Pelicans legacy with the IP Challenge Trophy came to exciting and climatic end on the weekend as they relinquished the silverware to a high performing Arrowtown outfit.

After losing the toss the Pelicans were asked to bat, not knowing the opposition opening batsmen had prepared the wicket and the outfield. The ball moved about spitefully on the drying green-top and the Pelicans were quickly reeling at 25-5.

The deck settled down as the sun came out, this combined with a heroic effort from the Rubber man to guide the lower order through to 98 all out in the last over. The Pelicans went to lunch with a total they could at least try to defend.

Lunch was a magnificent 4 kilos of fresh NZ ham, served with a healthy salad and a desert of mixed yogurt, marshmellows, iced cakes and other highly tasty confectionary items. The subsequent sugar rush gave the Pelicans opening bowlers the edge they needed to pin the Massive back and restrict them to 23–2 after ten overs. The fielding was outstanding, except for one effort from a player that shall remain nameless, who, seeing ball smashed in his direction, squealed and dived away from it, gifting the lucky batsmen a boundary. Needless to say he was heavily fined and will need to sell a few houses to pay the debt.

The Massive lifted the run-rate, as the sugar rush wore off and the pitch flattened out, managing to slog, bat, snick (and in one case play a shot with eyes completely shut) their way to victory with 11 balls to spare. They were deserved victors and are also now the current holders of the IP Challenge trophy.

Good luck next week for your game vs Frankton.

Special mention should be made of two players in the field. Dzin Alezander bowled like a man possessed again and is the run-away leader in the wicket-taking competition. The other stand-out was LP, who proved that a days fishing is a far better preparation for a big game than his usual 17 pints, 2 packets of ciggies and 30 minutes sleep.

The Pelicans performance was summed up in the after-match speeches as ‘bowling like Tarzan, but batting like Jane’.

The usual after-match debrief was done at the Ale House, where Rubsie was presented the coveted Man of the Match award, the framed Ginger Step Kid photo, that now bears his name.

The game was notable for the high % of gingers in the team, and this is likely to increase in the future as Freswer takes his spot back in the side. The fire-crotch ratio has become a contentious point within the squad but no-one is willing to take them on as they have a volatile reputation and there is the possibility of catching ‘ginger’ if you draw blood.

This Friday’s game will be starting at 5pm. Please remember to arrange carpools and public transport as the expected crowd is likely to cause traffic hold-ups and create parking difficulties.

Remember – Pelicans are the only bird that rotate their heads 360 degrees.

Until Friday…

The Pelican