Small town blues: Killergrams led by Tom Maxwell are celebrating their upcoming album Lonely Nights In A Little Town


Arrowtown band Killergrams will celebrate the release of their new single, Back Door Blues, at an intimate gig at Wet Jacket Wines this weekend.

Frontman Tom Maxwell, alongside brother and bassist Sam, drummer Reuben Pearce, and keyboardist Nick Lynch, says the gig will also preview their upcoming album, Lonely Nights In A Little Town — a spin on bluesy rock, grounded in storytelling.

‘‘The album is loosely based off small town New Zealand, all of the sort of different characters and their interactions with each other, [it’s] just based off observations I’ve made and things that people have said and I’ve sort of embellished them,’’ Maxwell says.

Killergrams, started by Maxwell in Dunedin several years ago as ‘‘a bit of a revolving door of musicians’’, came together in its current iteration two years ago when he moved back to Arrowtown and connected with ‘‘old musician friends’’.

Maxwell says he’s enjoyed the creativity and imagination that’s been teased out in the making of this album.

‘‘It was kind of fun for me because I put out an album called Midnight Hours in 2019, and that was all quite personal songs, so it was fun to try a different approach.’’

Looking forward to celebrating the release of new music before heading to the UK for the remainder of the year, Maxwell says the show is going to be ‘‘a little bit different’’ from the usual set-up.

“The band’s going to be set up in the middle of the room … basically everyone will be around us to bring that intimacy.

‘‘It’ll be a sit-down gig and hopefully it will feel like the audience is part of the band and right in the thick of it.’’

Killergrams’ single release, Saturday, 6pm, Wet Jacket Wines. Tickets, $20, via ‘Lonely Nights In A Little Town’ out July 19