Angry Dragons nearly did it – Even angrier now


2nd Game of the season – 25th January 2009
Match Report

After a brilliant fielding effort, we will not mention 1st drop catch will we Stacy ? ($5.00 fine), lead by P.O.D. Kieran (Finchy) Turnbull and backed up by bowlers ;
Jase John 2 wkts/1 catch
Cam Mead 4 wkts
Ants Webb 3 wkts/1catch
Alan Baillie 1 wkt 

We were set 90 to win.   Take Heart Boys it’s the first time The Goats have not passed a 100 runs in the competition to date.

A slow start didn’t help (as well as Cam Read’s run out without facing a ball!) .  A couple more Corona’s the nite before would have helped ($5-00 fine Cam).  Bit of a mid-order collapse and it came down to 6 runs off the last ball.   Hard luck Paul Dowing ( $5 for not hitting the winning 6) & Chris Campbell but good effort to get us to that situation.

Thanks guys & see you next week.
1st Feb v Wakatipu same ground 12.30pm
Go the Angry Dragons

The Management would like more funds, so pay your bloody subs to Bondi so he & I can go on holiday! –(be warned you’ll be drinking water)