Naughty nanna: Katie Boyle plays little old lady Pat Goldsack, who's been running a swingers club for the past six decades


Pat Goldsack’s ready to touch hearts, and maybe a bit more, on Thursday.

Played by noted Shakespearean actor Katie Boyle, Pat is the star of ‘Pat Goldsack’s  Swingers Club and Brothel’ — a raunchy one-woman show stopping in Arrowtown as part of a nationwide tour.

Boyle, who’s been playing old lady characters for years and will find ‘‘any excuse’’ to do so, says Pat’s a sweet but potty-mouthed elderly woman who’s been running a touring swingers club for the past 60 years.

And, apparently, Pat’s character is not too far from the real old ladies in Boyle’s life.

‘‘I’ve got a bunch of old ladies including my grandmother’s friends, and my mum’s friends … and all of these great people, through conversations, have revealed themselves to be extremely randy.

‘‘They’re the funniest people on earth and I don’t see enough of them, so I wanted to see that on a stage,’’ Boyle says.

Boyle’s university friend and director of the show, Alexander Sparrow, says the Pat character began at a Wellington stand-up gig he used to run.

‘‘The content and the character really work and so it expanded into a full show … Katie wrote the whole script, and I added in the odd joke here and there, and then directed it.’’

‘Pat’ has since landed Boyle eight award nominations in a year, nabbing her the ‘best comedy’ award at the 2018 Palmy Fringe Festival, and multiple ‘best female comedian’ titles at the Comedy Hub Awards.

Sparrow, who travelled with Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ before moving into character comedy, says their experience with Shakespearean theatre taught them how the audience can be used to boost shows, especially comedy.

‘‘When Katie and I met, I think it’s safe to say my main output was stand-up, and Katie’s main output was Shakespeare, and that, combined, has led to a lot of character comedy and audience interaction.’’

Boyle says one of the biggest joys, and also the biggest challenges, of playing a raunchy old lady centre stage, is keeping the temperature of her audience.

‘‘If it goes well it’s the best feeling in the world … and when it goes wrong, getting over that and turning it into a great show — that’s even better.’’

‘Pat Goldsack’s Swingers Club and Brothel’, Arrowtown Athenaeum Hall, Thursday, 8pm. Tickets, Eventfinda