Album first live gigs later


Rising rockers Jack Spade & The Dusty Souls are going right out on a limb for their debut tour. 

The group plays its first ever gig tomorrow – in its home city of Christchurch – before heading to Queenstown for follow-up shows on Monday and Tuesday. 

“Even though we are in the middle of recording our first album we have never actually played together on stage,” guitarist Jack Spade says. 

“In that respect, I suppose we are going about things the wrong way round but we have some very experienced musos in the band so we aren’t too worried. 

“While we had a bit of a break from being in the studio, we decided to just jump right in there and go on the road to try out the songs in a live setting.” 

The Dusty Souls perform a heady mix of old-school rock and blues. 

They only got together at the start of this year but are already looking at releasing debut album Destination Down before Christmas. 

“I had written a pile of tracks before the band had even formed which got us off to a good start,” Spade explains.
“Then after the big earthquake struck in Christchurch in February, there was nothing much else for me to do but focus on getting the music finished. 

“Getting the album together has been like having a full-time job. It’s been hard work but worth it.”

Catch Jack Spade & The Dusty Souls at Red Rock on Monday and Altitude Bar on Tuesday.