Funky: L-R Riley Barrett, Will Cole, Rosie Spearing, Rafe Swan, Simon Kenrick and (not pictured) Jacob Gasser bring their unusual sounds to Yonder on Saturday. PICTURE: JOSH WOTTON


Their latest track may talk of boredom, procrastination and stalemate but there’s a Wellington band coming to town who are doing anything but stand still.

Corduroy have been together for just a few years, but they’ve already made appearances at both Bay Dreams and Rhythm and Vines.

To spice up their already funky, neo-soul, alt-rock sounds they’ve recently added a sixth member — sax player Jacob Gasser.

They were recording Good Intentions and were looking for the perfect outro, bassist Riley Barrett says, when they called in the help of some sax- and trumpet-playing friends.

But, as they achieved the vaunted sound, they realised they needed a way to play the track live.

‘‘So we got Jacob in to do that and slowly, but surely, we’ve mixed him into our old tracks and he’s in most of the new songs as well — it’s a game-changer, actually.

‘‘It’s a big point of difference, saxophone is not super-common in pop bands, it’s just got a lovely tone to it and Jacob’s really talented.’’

Gasser can be heard on new single I’m So Bored, which can be found on Mountain Scene’s new Spotify playlist, ‘Queenstown Music Scene’.

The original five members all got together at Victoria University, having met during a battle of the halls comp.

Within six weeks, they were on stage for their first gig.

‘‘It was pretty random to start with because we all listened to such eclectic genres,’’ Barrett says.

‘‘Will was into funk, I was really into rock, Rosie was really into soul and Simon was into lo-fi music, so that all blended into one sound through time, I guess.’’

Until recording The Usual in mid-2018, songs had been penned individually, but at that point it became a collaborative effort and they realised they could combine their tastes to good effect.

Their first festival performance came last year when they performed at Rhythm and Vines.

‘‘It definitely felt like a milestone, because you are in and around so many great artists,’’ Barrett recalls.

They put a repeat performance on at R&V this year and also landed a spot at Bay Dreams in Mount Maunganui.

‘‘We were hanging out in the artists bar after, mingling with all these people, big acts, small acts, it was really surreal.’’

Barrett jokes the band had wanted to put Austin Powers’ ‘‘mojo’’ on their rider to give them that little extra burst of energy before their performance, but admits it may have been hard to source.

It’s been a year since Corduroy came to Queenstown and Barrett says they love the resort, with its beauty and atmosphere.

He’s also a big fan of Yonder — where they’ll be playing again on Saturday — because of the efforts they go to make artists feel comfortable.

Queenstown’s the final stop on the road before the six-piece finish their EP tour back home in the capital.

Corduroy perform at Yonder, Saturday, from 8pm — entry’s free