A long way from Texas


Honey-voiced musician Christina Gurrola has walked a long road to her first EP.

The singer-songwriter, all the way from El Paso, Texas, brings debut release Dawn Medley to Queenstown’s Pub on Wharf this Saturday.

Gurrola says: “It’ll be an intimate gig – it’s relaxed listening.

“People who come can expect a soothing, beautiful voice with an almost terrible guitar technique, but for some reason it works.”

The 31-year-old has spent years earning her spurs playing small shows in her home town.

But she’s been in the limelight too.

Gurrola was a finalist on Mexico’s version of American Idol, Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento, in 2012.

And she collaborated with former Black Eyed Peas DJ Rockyrock on the hip-hop track All They Want is Money.

“You could say I’m easily distracted, so after the talent show I went back to doing background gigs and joined a band.

“People were telling me to do this and do that, some management wanted to work with me but I didn’t like the idea of someone controlling all my music and image, so I just did my own thing.”

Dawn Medley has six tracks inspired by everything from stories about the Tarahumara indigenous tribe in Mexico to heartbreak in New York City – with Battery Park the clear stand-out song.

“The reason I call it Dawn Medley is because dawn is the beginning, the sun rising and everything, but medley because the songs on there weren’t intended for a project.

“I’ve been working on these recordings individually and finally decided to release them – I just thought it was time, I’m ready to do it.”

The EP showcases Gurrola’s warm but powerful voice across the folk/indie genre.

“I’m excited to meet people and play – I haven’t been to Queenstown but it looks absolutely beautiful.”

Christina Gurrola plays Pub on Wharf, Saturday, 8pm. Free admission