A Christmas Carol


Rating: 3 / 5 stars

By Sally Burgess

The third animated movie from Robert Zemeckis after Polar Express and Beowulf, A Christmas Carol is yet another remake of the famous Dickens tale. Jim Carrey plays elderly miser Ebenezer Scrooge this time, as well as providing the voices to a few other characters including all three of the Christmas ghosts. Disney certainly got their money’s worth out of him.

The film starts off familiarly enough, Scrooge disgusted by the Christmas festivities, and begrudgingly giving his clerk, Bob Cratchit, the whole of Christmas Day off. Later that night, he gets a visit from…well you must know the rest!

Jim Carrey does quite a splendid job voicing Scrooge and the others, and you wouldn’t guess that he’s actually a Canadian. Gary Oldman (looking almost exactly like his character, Bob Cratchit) provides stellar support. The animation is superb with astounding attention to detail, and has come a long way from the slightly waxy and dead-eyed characters we saw in Beowulf. For instance, the leather chair that Scrooge sits on as he eats his gruel by the fire, with some of the leather worn away from constant use. The flying sequences are fantastic. I actually felt a bit homesick seeing London again!

The film has stayed true to the book. But I felt that the film lacked humour for a Jim Carrey family film and was extremely dark and quite disturbing in parts. This film is not for small children, that’s for sure. If you want to see a faithful yet dark re-telling of a brilliant Yuletide story, then you’ll love A Christmas Carol.

But if you want to watch a movie that really gets you in the festive spirit, I’d advise a re-watching of A Muppets Christmas Carol or Scrooged.

Bah humbug. (sorry, I had to say it)

Standout performance: Jim Carrey, for putting on very convincing English accents!

This movie is now showing at Reading Cinemas in Queenstown. This review has been written and rated by Sally Burgess of Reading Cinemas Queenstown.

A Christmas Carol
Rated: PG – contains scenes that may scare very young children
Starring: Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman (voices)
Genre: Animation, Drama
Running time: 96 mins