31 Oct – Smooth beginnings

Mike: It’s the day after and the day before, I woke this morning with my face sticking to the pillow like Velcro.. a very strange feeling… the shower felt weird aswell, as does walking around outside! I think Jess is a LITTLE bit more used to me today, although I think she still finds it all abit strange still – and so do I!! come December 1, my beard will be making a come back.

Jess: Well I can’t decide if I’ll be happy that there’ll be some facial hair making a comeback as of tomorrow or disturbed that it’ll be dirty wee mo. I know many women ban their men from partaking in Movember as they have such great fear of the mo that they can’t face looking at one every day much less sleeping in the same bed as one. I have no such fear but…. well who really LIKES a moustache?! A beard is much more manly and somehow rugged and wild. A moustache is just well… dirty…