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Wanted by the police

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Queenstown police have released a rogues gallery of photos. 

The alleged offenders have outstanding warrants to arrest and cops believe some may still be in the area. 

A full list of 23 persons of interest is on the Queenstown cops’ Facebook page – part of their new online strategy 
to fight crime. 

“We have a few loose ends to tie up and we would like to hear from anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals,” intelligence support officer Haley MacKenzie says.


Sandi Alexander, 44

Mother of Courtney Elice, breached her community work on July 12, 2010. Australian citizen, uses the name Sandi James.


Courtney Elice, 21 

Warrant to arrest for community work breach on July 12, 2010. Australian citizen, goes by the names Courtney Glover, Courtney Daniels and Courtnee Daniel.



Lindsay Nolan Harry, 20

Wanted for breaching community work on November 15, 2010. A Kiwi, he’s 178cm and of large build.

Navinesh Shaneel Krishma, 19

Wanted for breach of community work on November 15, 2010. Fijian citizen.


Brice David Lee Ritani-Coe, 25 

Warrant to arrest for cultivating cannabis on January 28, 2008. A New Zealand and United States citizen, he’s 185cm tall and with a large build. 

Michelle Anne Pointon, 21

Two warrants for failing to answer bail, possessing meth for supply on February 7, 2011. Kiwi, goes by Lily Taylor, Lexi Taylor, Michelle Lilburn, Lilly Lilburn.

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When the hell are you taking me off here thanks I have done my P.D now take me off the wanted list???????????????????????????????????
30 Aug 2011 07:10PM MKC08
When are you going to be taking me off here Thanks Lindsay Harry
19 Jul 2011 06:53PM MKC08
Lindsa Nolan Harry
Hey guys its me Lindsay Harry just writing to yous to let you know that ive sorted everything out with the cops so you can take me off this shit? Or i will be taking legal action's to sue you?
15 Jul 2011 04:34PM MKC08
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