Taking free masterclasses: Chaz Barcenilla


A Queenstown music teacher’s offering free piano and singing workshops.

Chaz Barcenilla, who has 40 years’ teaching experience, is putting on free masterclasses for intermediate and advanced students on the first Friday of every month at 8.15pm.

He’s also offering beginners’ workshops on the first Thursday of every month at 3.30pm.

The venue for both workshops is the QPACT rooms on the corner of Ballarat and Henry Streets.

Barcenilla says the Friday sessions would suit 15- and 16-year-olds and even young adults.

He’s asking students to register by emailing

He’d like at least three students at each workshop ‘‘so it’s a collaborative effort, so  everyone discusses certain points of technique and musicality’’.

Barcenilla moved here from the United States two years ago, and still teaches US students, and some in Japan, by Skype.

From his Queenstown workshops he’ll also offer two scholarships, comprising four free lessons, to the most promising student in both piano and voice.

He says he also used to offer free workshops and scholarships when teaching in Los Angeles and San Diego, in the US, and before that in Sydney.